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LED Landscape Decorative Furniture Cube

Name: LED Landscape Decorative Furniture Cube Light

Structure: LED Pixel Lighting Source(SMD5050 LED, PCB stuff, ABS seat, Lithium Battery, Magnetic part) + PE Ball Cover + Charger/Adaptor +  Remote Control

Color Mode:

1>Single Color (Warm White and White are Popular and widely used)

2>Seven Color (Remote Control to shift color displaying modes)

3>Smart Full Color (with 2811, 2812...IC, use special control console to program and display more rich effects)

Parameters of Regular Item:

LED Cube Size: 10cm/12cm/15cm/20cm /25cm /30cm /35cm /40cm /50cm /60cm /80cm /100cm

LED Source: High bright SMD5050, High quality for long time stable work

PE Cover: Imported Australian PE Powder material, environment-friendly

Lithium Battery: 900-4400mA, one time charge of 4-6hours,work 8-12hours

Remote Control: 10-15m distance control, to shift the color displaying modes

Waterproof: non-waterproof, IP65/ IP67/ IP68-deep in water (indoor & outdoor)

Lifespan: 50000hours

Warranty: 1 year

Charging Mode:

Interactive Charge / Straight Pin Charge

*** The Interactive charge mode is that- use the magnetic plate to make it safe charge conveniently

***The Straight Pin charge mode is that- the trodictional charge mode, easy and fast operation

Option: 5v / 12v / 24v / high voltage


High quality LED source, stable performance for long time working

Silicone loop + Inner cover + Silicone sealed to make it perfect waterproof 

Inner cover helps its lighting even, and out PE cover gross surface make the light soft and comfortable.


1>Indoor & Outdoor (IP65/IP67/IP68)

2>On the ground/in the wall/suspended from ceiling

3>Hotel, Party, Club, House, Wedding, Concert, Festival, Art Exhibition, Fashion show...

For Project Using -

We can follow your project requirement, to design suitable PCBA ( PCB design, LED source choosing...) and other customized electronic parts.

Such as the DMX512 LED Project Ball, WS2811IC LED Glowing Ball For Art Show, USC1903IC...

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